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Viridis Auditors is a new branch of Viridis Consultants, set up to dedicate greater resources and focus to providing value to our audit clients. Viridis Auditors specialise in management system audits across a range of industries, with a niche in the water sector.

Auditing is a vital role in all management systems and we take our role seriously. ISO standards refer to the Plan Do Check Act and cycle of continual improvement. We tailor our audits to provide not only levels of compliance, but also pragmatic opportunities for improvement.

Our Services

Our Services

We specialise in third-party regulatory auditing, but can also provide internal audits and gap analyses to assist in preparing for an up-coming audit.


The most common way to engage our services is through a tendering process for a particular audit. However, this can be inefficient in time and cost. For those clients that want high performance, we offer auditing service agreements whereby we can manage the entire audit calendar, or we can hone in on certain aspects.  

Water Utility

We specialise in water utility auditing and offer a broad range of audits to both utilities and regulators. 

  • Water quality

    • ADWG​

    • AGWR

    • State regulatory

  • Asset management

  • Technical appraisals​

  • ISO 22000



We offer a range of environmental audits. 

  • ISO 14001

  • Cooling towers (through a partner)

  • EPBC

  • Environmental licences


We complement our water utility and evironmental auditing with a range corporate systems audits.

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 31000

  • ISO 45001

Meet the Team

Viridis prides itself on the quality of its auditors. Our clients regularly provide feedback on how useful our audits were and the value of the audit experience. This includes the educational aspect of the face-to-face interviews and value of recommendations and opportunities for improvement.


Each team member has a minimum of 10 years of experience and are hand picked for each assignment.

James Howey
| Lead Auditor

James has over 20 years of experience in water and environmental management, with roles in both the public and private sectors. He holds the following qualifications: BSc (Hons) Applied Chemistry, MSC (Hons) Environmental Management and Executive Master of Business Administration.

He is a certified Lead Water Quality Management System Auditor for Drinking and Recycled Water and Environmental Management Systems. He also has experience in asset and infrastructure auditing.

Karen Pither
| Lead Auditor

Karen has more than 15 years’ experience in water and environmental management and is an experienced project manager, specialising in the development, implementation and audit of management systems, including drinking water, recycled water and environmental management systems.


As a Lead Auditor for drinking and recycled water, Karen has a background in recycled and drinking water regulation with the Queensland Government, specialising in water quality risk assessment and in the delivery of health-based targets for drinking water and exposure assessments for recycled water reuse.

Tasleem Hasan
| Lead Auditor

Tasleem is a highly skilled water quality specialist with close to 20 years of experience. He is specialised in the areas of regulation and compliance, risk assessment, auditing, multi-stakeholder facilitation, monitoring and process improvement.


He has worked extensively in the Australian water industry over the past decade and has worked with more than 40 water providers, developing the status of trusted advisor for clients in matters related to regulatory compliance and risk improvements.

Meet the Team

Marty Hancock
Lead Auditor

Marty is a water quality and treatment specialist with more than 25 years’ experience and holds academic, management and operational qualifications, including 12 years of catchment-to-consumer experience in water and wastewater treatment.


He is a certified Lead Water Quality Management System Auditor for Drinking Water. He is also trained in HACCP system auditing.

Julia Siddall
Lead Auditor

Julia is a highly experienced auditor specialising in quality, risk and safety. She has performed many certification audits under JAS-ANZ.

Lead auditor for for ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, AS/NZS4801 & OHAS18001.

Project Experience

2021 in Review, themes and trends in auditing during year.
Blue Water
Infrastructure Audit of Water Corp

Our Affiliations

Our Affiliations
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